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Read here how Silly Billy Clown became the

king of magic shows at kids birthday parties.

Silly Billy magic show for kids

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     Silly Billy Created A Revolutionary

New Approach To Entertaining Children

Silly Billy is played by David Kaye. He is not only New York's top children's entertainer, he is also one of the most respected and influential children’s magicians in the world. New York magazine raved, "Silly Billy has a knack for the sort of mischievous Looney Tunes jokes and asides that get parents as well as kids giggling." After graduating from Northwestern University, David became fascinated by child psychology. This research led him to create a brand new approach to entertaining children. His hilarious, edgy, new style took NY families by storm. Read more about Silly Billy’s original performing philosophy here.


New Yorker profile Silly Billy

Silly Billy profile in the New Yorker, by Susan Orlean

     Silly Billy Conquers New York City

By the mid-1990s Silly Billy was ubiquitous in New York City, performing about 350 shows each year. His clients include celebrities, royalty, and CEOs. WABC-TV called him, "The hottest act in New York today.” His fame had penetrated NY culture so much that The New Yorker was compelled to publish a 6-page profile of him, in which they called him, “The Clown Prince of New York.” Silly Billy has performed at the White House, at Lincoln Center and on the David Letterman show. But he says his most memorable shows, "Are the shows I have done for children in dozens of countries around the world."

It was at this time that David created the Dr. Blood show for older children.

Silly Billy Clown on magazine covers

                     Time To Give Back

In the mid-2000s David decided it was time to give back to his art. David literally “wrote the book” about performing magic for children. "Seriously Silly - How To Entertain Children With Magic And Comedy" is considered the bible of magic for children. It is sold worldwide and has been translated into several other languages. He just released his second book.

David is an in-demand speaker at magician conferences, having presented in 25 countries. He also invents, manufactures and sells original magic tricks, which are used by magicians around the world. Silly Billy has appeared on the covers of seven international magic magazines. He is one of just a few magicians in the world who has achieved that notoriety.

Silly Billy award winning magician

                    Silly Billy Clown Today

In 2014 David was awarded a Performing Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts, in Hollywood. This is the highest honor a magician can receive. Other magicians who have received this award include David Copperfield and Penn & Teller. What's most impressive is that David is the only children's magician to receive this honor in the 50-year history of the award.


David consults on “How To Make Children Laugh” for clients like McDonalds (for the Ronald McDonald program), M.I.T. (yes, that M.I.T.) and The Jim Henson Company (The Muppets).

Who knows what the next chapter in David’s career will be. If his track record is any indication, he will continue to leave his mark on the art form he loves so much: entertaining children.

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