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About Silly Billy's

Magic Show for Children's Birthday Parties

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"Silly Billy's show is pee in your pants funny."

Silly Billy Clown performs a highly interactive comedy magic show in which the children laugh from his very first words to the end of the show. Silly Billy performs magic, but he is actually a comedian for kids, using the magic as the medium for the comedy. Parents tell him that they have never seen their child laugh so hard. He appeals to all children, including the very young, as well as adults. To children, Silly Billy is very silly, and occasionally even mischievous. Adults like him for his sharp, intelligent wit.

His core fans are children 3-8 years old. Silly Billy designs each performance specifically for the ages of the children in the audience. Silly Billy can entertain a theater of thousands of people, or a living room with ten kids. 

Silly Billy is one of the most influential children’s magicians in the world. Read about it here.  He invents and sells original magic routines to magicians around the world. Chances are pretty good that if you hire another magician he will be performing the tricks Silly Billy invented. So why not have the real thing?

A Silly Billy birthday party is practically a rite of passage

for New York children. Here’s why.


1. Five Minutes Of Laughing Starts Off The Show


Silly Billy’s four part show begins with five minutes of comedy for the children. This is a warm-up for things to come. The birthday child comes to the stage for some simple participation. This makes him or her comfortable with Silly Billy and acts as a litmus test for Silly Billy to get a sense of the kind of child he or she is, so he can tailor the interaction level to their personality.

2. The Magic Show


The magic tricks are geared specifically to the ages of the children in the audience. Silly Billy created his own style of entertaining children which is based on having the children interact as much as possible. During his specialized routines the children interact either verbally or physically as often as every 6 seconds. The children get very excited as they are continually laughing, pointing, and screaming with delight. The birthday child is made the star of the show as he or she joins Silly Billy several times during the show to help make the magic happen.

3. Join-in Storytelling


Here the children are dressed in balloon costumes (which are inflated and twisted on the spot), and they put on a short play. Your child can choose from 20 classic tales like Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Three Little Pigs, or even Star Wars. Silly Billy is the only performer in New York offering this experience.

4. Presents For All The Kids


The show lasts one hour and every child gets a two-foot long inflatable magic wand plus a Silly Billy Silly Straw.

Don't worry that the children won't sit for the whole show. Silly Billy has performed more than 10,000 shows for children of all ages. He has experienced every problem in every difficult performing environment. If you want someone who can perform a seamless show with no boredom, no controversy and no catastrophe, he’s your clown. Isn’t it your child’s turn to experience the thrill of being part of Silly Billy’s hilarious magic show. Call or email me now.

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